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Mac Made Easy Maui

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Mac Made Easy Maui

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The couple – who were engaged for 14 months before tying the knot – had a very "homegrown" celebration, Foster, 31, told PEOPLE Wednesday at Adweek and POPSUGAR's Young Influentials party in New York. "There were no bells and whistles." (Indeed, his father officiated the ceremony, and the bride's mother made her wedding gown!)
For the happy couple, that still meant a starry assortment of guests, including her dad (Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler) and his older brother (actor Ben Foster).

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However, I am given to understand that recaps are a valuable commodity and, unlike Will McAvoy, I don’t have the luxury of making my own rules. And so it was that, having caught up on a first season that didn’t piss me off quite as much as I thought it would (despite blowing off universally hailed classic “The West Wing,” five episodes in, after my disdain for Sorkin’s reverence for authority threatened to torpedo my relationship with a Sorkin devotee in college), I set out to understand just what angers people so much about “The Newsroom,” and to chronicle whether those traits of the show grow more entrenched or whether they abate with each passing Sunday night.

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There’s an old adage that “only the losses are permanent.” Every time we win a fight about protection, we just pretty much have to fight it over again. So the protection of these places is a constant battle. We have a lot of successes that you don’t read about, and then we don’t always win either. Certainly the rapid growth in fracking in the Bakken Fields [of North Dakota] and others are hammering the air quality and view-shed and in some cases even threatening the water systems of some of our national parks. We are every day actively engaged in working with other agencies around energy development and transmission lines. And not just traditional energy, but renewables as well. I mean, they don’t get a free ride, either, in terms of what they require: Transmission lines, they require large landscapes. But what I would say is that we have the analytical tools today that we didn’t have in the past to look at landscapes.
You’ve seen our “Revisiting Leopold” report? That was our first attempt to articulate a new management paradigm for these National Parks where we know that we are going into a period of unpredicted change. I have a very strong team that’s working on our climate change adaptation strategy. There’re four components to our climate approach here. One is monitoring parks. We have a very robust monitoring program around indicator species and climate change. Parks can be a very, very important canary in the coalmine for larger landscapes in terms of the changes we are seeing. The second is our own carbon footprint. We know we aren’t going to solve climate change by going carbon neutral, but we need to clean up our own house, and we are doing that in terms of design and facility and fleet and all those kinds of things. The third leg of the stool is really adaptation and that is: OK, if we know climate change is coming, sea level rise, species will migrate, what are we doing to adapt to that change? And there’s a whole range of things. Everything from restoring habitats that can then be re-inhabited as species are driven [from their current habitats], creating duplications in the system.? You know, we sort of used to say, “As long as we’ve got one of it, that’s good enough.” Well, I think we’re recognizing now that we need duplication not in just the parks system, but beyond protected areas. When you talk about ocean rise, you say, “what’s uphill,” right? What’s going to be the next sea-grass bed? What’s going to be the next salt marsh? So building green infrastructure and resiliency in our coastlines is going to be incredibly important. And then the fourth leg of that stool is education. You know, the Parks Service is a respected educator of the public. When people come to parks they want to learn something, and we’re quite open and willing and are training our employees to be able to talk about climate change.

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iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

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01/15/2014 06:30AM
Jessa (Duggar) Seewald Celebrates Baby Shower As Due Date Approaches: 'She's Looking the Part,' Source Says

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Zack Snyder to the rescue. The film's director Tweeted a photo of the suit in all its batty glory on Monday.

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“The Spectacular Now” opens this week in New York and Los Angeles, and opens Aug. 9 in Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix, San Francisco and Washington; and Aug. 16 in Atlanta, Boston, Denver, Houston, Minneapolis, Palm Springs, Calif., Philadelphia, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Calif., Seattle and Austin, Texas, with wider national release to follow.
If Sutter is arguably the main character, the movie’s real emotional center is Woodley’s remarkable performance as Aimee. Woodley plays the lead role in the ABC Family series “The Secret Life of the American Teenager,” and deserved an Oscar nomination (but didn’t get one) for her role as George Clooney’s daughter in “The Descendants.” It’s a teen-movie stereotype to have a beautiful young woman play the plain-Jane type, but Woodley is entirely convincing as a manga-reading geek girl who keeps her nose to the grindstone in a dysfunctional household, driving her drunken mom’s paper route before school. (She first officially meets Sutter — it’s safe to say she’s been admiring him from afar — because he’s passed out on somebody’s front lawn at 6 A.M.) It’s less that Aimee isn’t pretty than that she’s never devoted any time or energy to the conventional signals of high-school attractiveness, wears jeans and T-shirts every day, and takes shelter in the idea that boys don’t think of her “that way.”

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